Alicia Weller Thompson Design

experimental interactive digital traditional|design and illustration

Alicia Weller Thompson is a versatile designer who thrives when solving ambiguous and complex problems. She blends her broad experience in interactive design and web development with a passion for cognitive psychology and a love of illustration.

Below is a small sample of some projects Alicia has enjoyed in just the last few years.

Interactive Work

Orchard Website Greenlee Website Cathy Leslie Website Flagship Website Virtus Law Website Dr Tim Website

Illustrative Work

Bluebird Brewhouse Hillcrest Orchard Logo Greenlee Psych Logo Cathy Leslie Logo Dr. Tim Logo Turtles Hourglass Wolf Impractical Hats Representation Cambrain Cards Winter Watercolor Video Snail Pale Ale Emergence Illustration Illusion Illustration Winter Watercolor Cards Toad Orchid Isolation Info Art Batik Dragon